Shooting training conducted by Warren C. Wagner, LTC (Ret.) US Army

ng a variety of firearms training
   courses on the safe and effective use of rifles, pistols
   and shotguns for sport shooting, hunting,  home and personal defense.  
Insured - and NRA qualified to teach courses in:

Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Muzzle-loading Firearms, Personal Protection Inside and Outside of the Home, and Home Firearms Safety.

principally teaching in Gettysburg, PA and Orlando, FL
but willing to conduct training courses on any suitable range facility near you.

You may call or email me to register for any ShootSharp courses or to inquire about scheduling a course to meet your training needs.  NRA course offerings may be found on the NRA website -- -- and you can register online for any scheduled course. (407) 443-9852

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Safe Pistol, will be scheduled on request as my summer schedule permits.

Why Train?

Shooting a gun doesn't look that hard, does it?  But while it's not inherently difficult, shooting consistently, accurately and well takes concentration and skill acquired through practice.  Because of the fundamental characteristics of firearms, not using them correctly or not handling them safely can have disastrous consequences. 

Some states require citizens to have a certain, usually very basic, level of training or experience with firearms before licensing them to carry a concealed weapon (e.g. FL).  Other states have no such requirements (e.g. PA).  But regardless of the law, most new gun owners, especially those who choose to carry a firearm, recognize the value of training to make them safe and effective shooters.

Courses offered at the present include:
Safe Pistol is a four hour course including both classroom and range sessions and is designed to give students the knowledge skill and attitude necessary to safely use your pistol.  The course covers safety principles and best practices, pistol function (how they work), ammunition (how it is made, calibers, selecting correct ammo and common malfunctions), shooting fundamentals (the elements of making a quick accurate shot), cleaning, maintaining, transporting and storing a pistol safely.  The fee for the course is $65 with a $25 discount for those who bring their own pistol and 50rds of ammunition.  (The completion certificate for this course is accepted by Florida as proof of training in support of application for a Concealed Weapons or Firearms License (CWFL).

Safe AR/AK Rifle is a four hour course designed to introduce safe and effective use of the AR or AK rifle platform.  The course teaches the function of the rifle and ammunition, how to zero your rifle, adjust sights and engage close to mid-range targets.  Student must bring their own rifle, a magazine and 30rds or more if desired.  The fee for this class is $50.

Safe Flintlock Firearms is an eight hour course designed to familiarize the student with the safe use of a classic firearm from the Early American experience, specifically the Pennsylvania (Kentucky) rifle and the ubiquitous smoothbore fowling piece.  Students will learn to safely load and fire at targets out to 50 paces, and may bring their own rifles and equipment.  The cost is $100

NRA Basic Pistol   Details are found on the NRA website.

NRA Courses on other firearms and systems will be scheduled on request, including Personal Protection in the Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home, as well as Home Firearm Safety.


Private Instruction/Coaching  I will conduct private instruction or "structured practice" to improve your shooting skills and confidence at the rate of $50 for two shooters for a one hour period.  This includes use of the range, target materials and instruction.  Shooters must bring their own firearms and ammunition.  Contact me with preferred dates and times to schedule.